Life Church

Meet Neil


I grew up believing that God exists and that I would go to heaven if I was good, and I have been totally convinced from the age of 12 that Jesus rose from the dead, but I went away from the church for various reasons as a teenager.

I was an ordinary, law-abiding kind of person who believed in the standards I’d been taught, including by the church, so when I married Jackie in her parish church I made my vows completely sincerely although by that time I doubted that there was a God.

About 10 years after we married, Jackie made a commitment to Christ and started witnessing to me about my need for salvation, until in 1992 God led Jackie to Life Church and my journey into faith really started.

I decided that if there was a God then in light of Jesus’s resurrection he must really be God’s Son, and through attending church with Jackie I was eventually convinced that God is real, but I didn’t understand what “spiritual life” meant - I was like a man born blind trying to imagine what it would be like to be able to see.

Then at a Christian camp in 1995, I accepted Jesus Christ as my own personal saviour, and the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes - my spiritual life truly began and I was born anew.

My unbelief and doubt were replaced by a supernatural faith, the Bible came alive to me, worship songs took on new and personal meaning and my prayers became personal conversations with God through the Holy Spirit - no longer like balloons released into the wind with no real hope that they might reach their target. People started to notice a difference in me, in particular Jackie’s niece who became a Christian soon afterwards.

Since then God has led me in particular to join the Worship Group, to lead a few Life Groups, and to get involved in men’s ministry. Along the way he’s blessed me in my church, home and work life and guided me in some important decisions.

God continues to work in me, increasing my faith and understanding and showing me where I still need to change, but I know that he already accepts me unconditionally as a beloved child because of what Jesus has done.